Rollstone’s Special Needs

The Rollstone Foundation has been likened to a “lifeboat” that helps to rescue orphaned children with special needs and facilitate their delivery into loving adoptive homes, thereby providing them with a new destiny.  But as word of the lifeboat that is Rollstone has spread, the requests for help have increased beyond our capability to meet the demand.  Unless you have experienced the task of looking at a child’s photos and having to deny the grant application because there is simply no money to give, you cannot know the heartbreak it brings.  We simply need a bigger boat.

Quite obviously, monetary donations and sponsorships are always needed and gratefully accepted.  But we also need help in increasing the public awareness of the needs of Rollstone, and adding to our fundraising efforts.  Please review the list of our special needs and help in whatever way you are able.

FUNDRAISING EVENT LOCATIONS – Fundraisers can be held anywhere. Restaurants…wineries…lounges…schools…churches….offices…private residences… golf or country clubs.  If you know of any locale willing to host a fundraiser please let us know.

AUCTION ITEMS – Most events include a Chinese or Silent Auction.  Almost any new item can be used as an auction prize…bicycles…sporting goods…baskets of cheer… gift certificates or cards…tickets to concerts or sporting events…sports memorabilia… jewelry…decorative items…electronics…vacation homes…JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!  Services are also highly popular auction items.

There are many ways you can help us help them.  Please contact us by mail at:

The Rollstone Foundation, 23 Candee Avenue – Suite E, Sayville, New York 11782

You can also contact us by e-mail:  Mike Dawidziak at and Don Longo at

Thank you!




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